Understanding The Functions Of A Scuba Dive Computer

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There is no doubt that a scuba dive computer is the best friend of scuba driver. It lets you remain down for a more extended period while you are diving of tables. However, the market is full of different types and styles of such computer. So, how to choose the best one? Well, this is something that depends on your preference. Here is the list of different types of diving computer that you can choose.

List Of Different Styles And Types Of Scuba Diving Computer

Console Dive Computer

In detail, it is fixed to the rest of the scuba equipment through a hose. Such machine comes equipped with a pressure gauge. Besides, their readout capacity is much larger than the wrist diving computer.

Wrist Diving Computers

Such computers are quite popular among scuba divers. They look like a watch worn on the wrist. The computer will tell you all the required information in short, and you can mount it in a console. However, sometimes, the face may be tiny to display all the information. So, make sure that you can easily read it while diving. In general, they don’t have any pressure gauge.

Exploring New Facts About Scuba Dive Computer
Exploring New Facts About Scuba Dive Computer

Air-Integrated Diving Computer

These are now getting more common with time. The computers can effectively calculate the tank pressure and then suggest you the time you have left. It replaces the SPG- Submersible Pressure Gauge. However, the most significant disadvantage of such a dive computer is if it fails, you will not get information about the oxygen you have left in the tank.

Nitrox Scuba Dive Computer

In detail, such computers are used for nitrox diving. However, if you have not any nitrox diving to do now and if you are planning to do it in the future, then purchase a nitrox dive computer. If you think you will not dive with nitrox in your life, there don’t go for it. Generally, a standard air computer is around $100 less than the nitrox dive computer.

Hoseless Dive Computer

This computer comes equipped with a receiver and a transmitter. You can wear it on your wrist or can attach it on the BC.  In detail, the transmitter fixed to the regulator read the data, and then it sends air information to the receiver. It looks just like a regular dive computer.

Exploring New Facts About Scuba Dive Computer
Exploring New Facts About Scuba Dive Computer

This reduces the number of hoses you require. There are some computers which accept air signal from different transmitters. So, you can now easily check your co-driver’s air consumption. This is generally used by professional divers who use multiple tanks during one dive.

However, while buying a diving computer, you should consider your dive style and that capability that you require. A computer which works perfectly for someone will not fit with your requirements.

Besides, you will have to think about the features and functionality that the computer has. So, choose the diving computer that you are quite comfortable with and which comes under your budget. In fact, with the right machine, you can enjoy a better diving experience.

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