Top 3 Scuba Diving Costumes for Kids -

Top 3 Scuba Diving Costumes for Kids

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If you ask a kid what they want to dress up as for Halloween or birthday parties, most times, they’ll answer their favorite cartoon character or superhero. Sometimes they answer with who they want to be when they grow up. It’s always a treat to see kids as nurses or firefighters!

For kids who love fishes, swimming, and the deep oceans, dressing up as a scuba diver is the dream! Clothing stores often only offer scuba wetsuits for big children. Is there a way to make a scuba diving costume for kids? Here are three ways to fulfill your little one’s diver fantasy.


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For a scuba diving outfit, you’ll need a mask, a wetsuit, and fins. Goggles are available in different sizes. There’s no need to wear it on the face too. Hang it on their neck like they are taking a break post-dive. By replacing the rubber band with a lighter material like cloth, you can opt to wear the mask around their head.

A black onesie can work for a wetsuit. It’s breathable and comfortable for the baby compared to the actual material. For flippers, use cardboard or rubber. Cut out duck feet shapes. Attach them to black socks, and you have your diver fins.

This scuba diving attire and costumes will definitely suit your little one in any costume party. Even when you are out on the beach or in the waters, you can always dress your babies with this attire, and they will truly look adorable in it.


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You can easily purchase a wetsuit for your toddler instead of black overalls. It can be used for actual swimming lessons too.

Next, craft a mini oxygen tank. Use a recycled soda bottle with a height the same as your child’s torso. Spray it with silver paint, or design it to make it stand out. Connect a plastic tube from the bottle’s mouth to a pacifier, which your child can use as a scuba mouthpiece.

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A cute way to perk it up is to dress up with your child. Both parents and children can dress up as scuba divers, or one can go as an underwater creature.

Lots of onesie designs are available in shops today. A shark pajama onesie is sure to light up other people’s faces. Better yet, dress up like a mermaid or facepaint a fish. Your imagination is your best tool, and the sky’s the limit.


When swimming with your infants, toddlers, and children, always make sure they have proper swimming attire. You can easily buy a swimming attire fit for their age in any swimming shop or shop online.

Be sure of the quality and material of the scuba diving suit as well when buying and it should align to the needs and protection of your little ones. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your children safe in all activities they do. Scuba diving can be for everyon, even kids, but make sure to follow safety measure before heading out underwater.

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