Snorkeling: Everything You Should Know

Imagine yourself snorkeling happily, admiring the elegance of the ocean world. Suddenly, you find someone half drowning, half swimming and scaring away the fish. Yes, we all have gone through this situation at least ones while trying out our scuba diving expeditions. If you are entirely new at diving, there’s nothing to fret. Try to know everything you can about this magical and fun sport and soon things will get easier and more convenient.

To avoid fearful feelings and looking like an idiot out in the sea, here are some essential things you need to know about snorkeling.

Snorkeling: Everything You Should Know
Snorkeling: Everything You Should Know

Wear The Snorkeling Mask Properly

Wearing your mask properly is more important than anything else. Your mask should offer perfect fitting. It should seal properly and stay in place without having to hold it. Hopefully, you get what I say. It is common sense- if air comes in, water will leak in as well. So, ensure that it fits in properly. Try keeping all your hair out of the seal. If you have mustaches, get a good shave. Make sure the straps snugly fits at the vast area of the head towards the back. Avoid wearing the mask at the base of the head. If you do so, water will leak in. Also, avoid wearing the mask too tightly because water will apply sufficient pressure for sealing the mask in place.

Snorkeling: Everything You Should Know
Snorkeling: Everything You Should Know

Go For Dry Snorkeling

If it requires spending a few more dollars on getting a dry snorkel, move on. Or if money is a significant factor, either get it on rent or snorkel using a splash guard.  Dry snorkels have special valves to seal shut the tube when you go underwater.  They even feature exclusive purge valves for making it easy for divers to blow out water off the tube. First-time snorkelers should make it a point to use dry snorkels.

Fin Up

It works to choose snuggly fitting fins but not the very tight ones. Remember, if the fins curl or hurt the toes, you might experience cramps. This can be dangerous if you are deep below the blues. Thus, it makes sense to go for slightly bigger fins than the very small ones.

Reduce Effort While Staying Relaxed

The key here is swimming slowly. If you swim slowly, you will not feel exhausted, and this will further help you in having a great snorkeling experience. Swimming will require putting in a lot of energy. Here the trick is to stay calm and relaxed. It will not take time to wipe yourself out fast if you are not cautious. Try swimming at a speed that lets you breathe easily and slowly through the snorkel. You should work on keeping your activity level at the right pace, so it does not call for heavy breathing. Learn to float without putting in any effort. Swim rapidly only if required.

There is no other experience as enjoyable and as adventurous as snorkeling. So, if you get the scope, do not miss out on it. Have fun!

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