Snorkel Vs. Scuba Diving: Which Is Better

Snorkel Vs. Scuba Diving: Which Is Better

Many of us are confused about which underwater activity is better, snorkel, or scuba diving. So, it is wise to know about the pros and cons of both the activities. It will help you decide whether you want to opt for scuba or snorkel.

Scuba Diving Pros

No Rough Surface Water: For instance, from the North Queensland coast, the Great Barrier Reef extends from a few km to more than 50 km. As you go away from the coast, the water surface tends to become rough. Here you can’t snorkel as the saltwater can enter the breathing pipe and makes your breathing impossible. But when you go down 20 km under the ocean, the rough water becomes normal. Here you only need to control the strength as well as the direction of the water currents. An expert instructor can quickly help you with this. Thus, scuba is much more feasible where the water is rough.

Witness More By Going Deep: In scuba diving, you have the opportunity of going deeper. Thus you get to see a lot of corals, fish, underwater creatures, dolphins, etc. You get to spend a lot of time under the ocean.

Snorkel Vs. Scuba Diving: Which Is Better
Snorkel Vs. Scuba Diving: Which Is Better

Scuba Diving Cons

Flying Next Day? Can’t Scuba Dive: Are you catching a plane in the next 24 hours? Then you are not allowed to scuba. It is because when the altitude becomes higher, you can have decompression sickness as the aftereffect of scuba the previous day.

Not Suitable For Asthma Patients: Scuba diving is not suitable for people with asthma or other medical issues. Thus, it is wise to ask the experts before diving or paying the premium for diving.

Awful Taste Of Gas: The decompressed gas of the scuba tank that is used for breathing tastes horrible in the mouth. Though it is not that big drawback, still, it is awful, especially if you want to dive twice in a day.

Snorkel Pros

Snorkeling is simpler and suitable for everyone. With a mask and tube in your mouth, you swim near the water surface. This tube helps you with breathing.

If you can float, you can snorkel. Your level of fitness does not play any vital role here. And knowing swimming is not mandatory too. Neither you will face any decompression ailment nor have you to breathe through the oxygen tank as you do in scuba. 

Cons Of Snorkel

The main disadvantage is you can’t explore the underwater region. You can go up to only 10 m from the surface. So, you cannot see any dolphins or turtles if they don’t come up to the surface. It happens rarely.

Snorkel Vs. Scuba Diving: Which Is Better
Snorkel Vs. Scuba Diving: Which Is Better

Snorkel Or Scuba Diving

Thus, you have got the idea of the plus and minus points of both water activities. Now, you can easily decide which activity you want to opt for. Always keep in mind that it is only you who can decide for yourself. If you do not have proper diving certification or you are suffering from any medical issue, the snorkel is your cup of tea. On the other hand, if you like adventure, want to explore the underwater world and have proper training, go for scuba.

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