Snorkel Set: 3 Main Parts

Believe me, good quality snorkel set will make your time underwater a joy. Perfectly fitting gear enables you to relax and have your focus on underwater stuff instead of worrying about fogging mask, flooding snorkel, and blister-prone fins. And once you are successful in finding the right set, it will last for a very long time with minimum maintenance and care.

I have taken mine across the world, and it has given me ten long years of service. Are you surprised? It’s no joke. I used my knowledge of specific packages and brands to get my snorkel kit and it worked for me. Things might not be the same for you, but what is the harm in being careful while making your choice?

Snorkel Set: 3 Main Contents Of It
Snorkel Set: 3 Main Contents Of It

Snorkel Mask

You will find different varieties of materials, sizes, and styles in this category. Snorkel masks are available with one window or a maximum of four windows. Some feature plastic skirts while the others are made of 100% silicone. Here the key is getting hold of a mask that offers a perfect fit. Fitting masks are essential for a fun and thrilling snorkeling experience. For the ones who wear glasses and do not use contacts, it is necessary to get a mask that allows you to see things just like you would see when your glasses are on. You also have the option of adding magnifying lenses to the mask. This will help you in reading underwater like a fish guide, camera settings, and watch the timing.

Snorkel Set: 3 Main Contents Of It
Snorkel Set: 3 Main Contents Of It

Fins – Important Part Of Snorkel Set

Sturdy and robust fins come with easily adjustable heel straps and foot pockets for the divers to remain comfortable even after several hours of diving. In addition to this, fin straps, just like face masks, feature ratcheting systems for rapid and on-the-go adjustments. They have broad heel sections for spreading pressure. Also, watch out for loops right at the end of the heel straps. These help in making adjustments even underwater. The fins you choose should also offer the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidness in water. The upstrokes should be flexible while the down strokes need to feel firm.

The Snorkel

Now a vital device while walking our way down is the snorkel. Luckily, there is just one feature you need to consider when checking the contents of your snorkeling gear. It should have a dry top. The snorkel is a tube going down from the mouth to behind and above the head. It helps in sticking out water so you can easily breathe without having to take your eyes off the beautiful sights. But what if you need to submerge deep down or if a wave rolls over you? You start gagging and coughing. You feel as if your lungs and throat have been set on fire. The drop-top helps in avoiding this dangerous occurrence.  It features a system that closes the tube automatically as you submerge in deep water.

From snorkeling along the surface between tectonic plates to gliding with sharks, the sport offers endless opportunities. Nevertheless, you can buy on these opportunities only if you have the right snorkel set.

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