Shark Repellents – Do They Work?


Surfing and diving in the ocean seem fun until you bother the living creatures of it. Therefore, ocean explorers prefer to have shark repellents with them. Many professionals, surfers, and divers have a close encounter with these giant creatures. Consequently, they prefer to have safety gear with them to avoid any spine – chilling encounter with them. But does the repellent device works? Well, we are about to find out, so stick to it.

Shark Repellents - Do They Work?
Shark Repellents – Do They Work?

What Is Shark Repellent Devices?

In general, a shark repellent creates interference with one of the very senses shark uses to locate or detect the prey. In short, its job is to reduce the shark attack when a person is in the ocean. Moreover, professionals even use customized repellents to avoid shark attacks.

Here, let’s have an overlook at some of the best repellent devices available in the market that claim to manipulate shark senses.

Electric Shark Repellents

 The device claims to emit electrical currents into the water and interfere with the sensing organs of shark known as ampullae. Moreover, the shark shield is one of the most popular electric shark deterrents in the market that has shown effectiveness. However, the device is said to be effective on great white sharks but not on other species shark. Talking about the price, then the repellent cost around $749, but the cost may vary according to websites.

Magnetic Shark repellents

The magnetic one is similar to the electric one. Magnetic waves create an unpleasant sensation, muscle contraction to be precise in the sensory organ of the shark. Now, coming to the products, then shark shocker and sharkbanz are the showstoppers when it comes to magnetic repellent. Moreover, their prices are comparatively cheaper than the electric ones. Ocean explorers wear a small band of their wrist or ankle that has magnets on it.

Is it competent enough to repel shark? Well, the devices said to repel a wide range of shark, including small tiger and bull sharks. However, they are not competent enough to deterrent great white sharks.

Spray Shark Repellents

Sharks don’t like to be around dead brethren, and thus, using a spray made of dead shark tissues repels them. To use this repellent, one should release it into the water to create a “safety zone,” however, it is a temporary solution. Moreover, the temporary safety zone disappears once the spay gets disperses.  

Shark Repellents - Do They Work?
Shark Repellents – Do They Work?

Changing The Color Of Surfboard

Professionals have observed that bright colors tend to repel shark. According to experts, sharks can only see shades of grey. Therefore, painting your surfboard with bright colors help you to repel sharks while being in the ocean. So, how safe is this method? Not 100% secure for sure as the surfboard appears as a dark silhouette from the below. Therefore, it isn’t the full-proof method to keep sharks away from you.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter how effective “shark repellents” are; they aren’t providing 100% results. Moreover, the above-listed repellents are the best ones in their category but have drawbacks as well. Therefore, you can use them if you have money, but none of them can provide your guarantee.