Scuba Diving Thailand Best Places You Should Know

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If you are an adventurous person and want to explore the underwater kingdom, you should try scuba diving. Every scuba diving experience comes with an adventure and has its charm. Every time you are going to have the same experience from the same dive site. When you come out of the sea, you will have a discovery of a new spot and different creatures. If you are planning scuba diving in Asia then you can go scuba diving Thailand best places.

The crystal clear water will give you the next level of experience. The tropical setting keeps Thailand in the top list of choices for scuba divers. It could give you a memorable under the water experience. The mesmerizing diving destination all over the world is Thailand. Here are some scuba diving Thailand best places for the best experience.

Similan Islands – scuba diving Thailand best places

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The different nine island’s archipelago will take you to the next level of scuba diving. It is also the best site if you want to see whales, sharks, and manta rays. For an amazing diving experience, people come to Similan Island. The Richelieu Rock, Beacon point, and the Elephant head are the best diving spots around the island.

Andaman Sea

Most of the scuba divers’ dream destination is the Andaman Sea. Its vibrant marine life and colorful coral makes it the best place for diving. For experiencing the diversity of sea life, you should go for the western side of the sea as it offers better visibility than the Gulf of Thailand. The white sand beach, Limestone, and the tropical backdrop is the main attraction of this beach.

Koh Phi Phi

The shark, seahorses, turtles, and small creatures are waiting to meet you under the marine life and conditions of pristine water are the main attraction of this Island. The coral garden’s carpet, limestone plunging wall, and water around the Phi Phi Island will snatch your heart.

Kho Lanta

Here you will need a boat for going to the dive sites as there is no diving shore but this site is worth your precious money and time. You will forget all this when you will explore the vibrant under the sea life and its mesmerizing beauty of soft colorful corals of Hin Muang and Hin Daeng. You can see giant moray eels and leopard sharks but you might also spot manta or whale sharks hanging out.

Kho Tao

If it’s your first dive so you should start from here as more than 70 different diving schools are here who can help you (if you require). The main attractions of the diving site are a granite pinnacle, a sunken ship, and a reef. Shark Island and white rock are calm and shallow enough for beginners and learners. It is also the cheapest option compared to others. It is just not only for the beginners but the advanced divers also love this place. The sunken HTMS is the main challenging attraction for adventure seekers.


Scuba diving allows you to explore and get familiar with the beautiful underwater world. Many sites in Thailand will give you an amazing experience that you will cherish for your lifetime.

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