Scuba Diving In Mexico: Where To Dive On Each Coast?

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Scuba Diving in Mexico is like a paradise. For those who love water sports activities, Mexico is a perfect destination to reach. In the destination wish list of scuba divers, Mexico is always considered on the top. Mexico holds hundreds of diving sites, which is really a great opportunity for the scuba divers. If you are thinking to plan a trip to Mexico, it has many sites to cover up for scuba diving. We have demonstrated below a few top-notch diving spots in Mexico to get the best from your trip. So let’s start exploring the sites without wasting a single minute, and gain a new diving experience.

Scuba Diving In Mexico: Where To Dive On Each Coast?
Scuba Diving In Mexico: Where To Dive On Each Coast?

Top-Notch Sites For  Scuba Diving In Mexico:

Cenote Dos Ojos, Yucatan

Have you ever thought about cave diving? Mexico is best for scuba diving destination. Eventually, it is best at introducing cave diving too. Mexico has many freshwater flooded caves, which is basically known as cenotes in the local language. In Mexico, when you will stay at Yucatan Peninsula, there are several diving caves situated, but Cenotes Dos Ojos is one of the best diving caves. The cave is spread in 80 kilometres, and it has different diving paths to enjoy. If you want to reach the place, May to September is the best time period to reach here.

Discovery Bay, Isla Guadalupe

The primary and most important thing to know about Discovery Bay diving site is that it has white sharks. The diving site is spread in 240 kilometres of area. The fact about this destination of diving is that, if an individual is seeking peaceful dive, it is not for that person. Actually, Discovery Bay is a popular site for diving, and that’s why you will find many people here for diving. No scuba diving experience required here, any beginner can also come here to avail a new experience. July to November will be a great season to reach here.

The Boiler, San Benedicto, Revillagigedo Islands

In the Pacific Ocean, the Revillagigedo Islands are located in around 390 kilometres. The islands are famous for the pelagic encounters. The Boiler is the gigantic site for scuba diving. The freshwater of the Boiler adds magic. November to May is the best season to reach here for diving. An individual can do the advanced level of diving over here.

Scuba Diving In Mexico: Where To Dive On Each Coast?
Scuba Diving In Mexico: Where To Dive On Each Coast?

Bull Shark Dive, Playa Del Carmen

If anyone is out there who is looking for the real-time adventure, Bull Shark Dive is the perfect destination to come over here. Every year, many sharks arrive here, which makes everyone to keep safety measures in mind. At the Bull Shark Dive, it is made for the novice divers to reach and explore scuba diving over here.

These are the best scuba diving in Mexico spots where one can enjoy their diving and avail a new and better experience in their life with full of rejuvenating memories.

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