Scuba Diving Destinations Across The World


Have you dived in the world’s popular scuba diving destinations? Diving is a breathtaking and unparalleled experience. It allows you to enter a surreal world that surpasses your wild imaginations. The whole experience of diving deep below the waters; soaring past beautiful sea creatures and swimming alongside fishes is simply exhilarating. The ones who have still not experienced this thrill and magic, here you will find the ultimate guide to discover the blues.

So here you go, dive straight into the world of some popular scuba diving locations that will force you to go backpacking immediately.

Sipadan Island, Malaysia

This is the place where you will find sharks cruising by while the barracudas are surrounding you. Here you can remain assured of seeing some big stuff as well. Occasionally, the strong currents keep blasting over underwater prairies or homes to turtles, white tips, jacks, parrotfish, groupers, and barracudas.

Scuba Diving Destinations Across The World
Scuba Diving Destinations Across The World

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Have you ever imagined a dominion where iguanas eat algae fully submerged in water, no one baits the four-eyed fish and where penguins are found swimming in the equatorial seas? Galapagos Island in Ecuador is your way to go. Here, you will see dolphins jumping in phosphorous water while the sea lion pups moving their correct path. Galapagos is an internationally recognized diving site with an exclusive group of more than 20 volcanic islands. This is truly a marvel to discover.

Thailand For Scuba Diving

There is not just one diving site you can name when it comes to enjoying the thrill and the magic of being underwater. There are many. You have Ko Tao, Phuket, Surin Islands, and Similan Island, only to name a few. You can enjoy diving almost anywhere in the plush waters of Thailand but head straight to the Similans and Ko Tao if you are in the lookout of adventure. Furthermore, Ko Tao will give you the scope of polishing your diving skills as a newbie without having to spend a vast amount of money.

Palau, Micronesia

Your search for the perfect diving destination ends at Palau in Micronesia. Here you can expect to come face to face with barracudas, eagle rays and sharks. Also, you will find snappers, jacks, and Napoleon wrasses. Move your eyes away from the sea creatures, and you will find thick coral with nudibranchs, mantis shrimps, and morays.

Scuba Diving Destinations Across The World
Scuba Diving Destinations Across The World

Yongala, Australia

It is basically a shipwreck, along the coast of Queensland. Brimming with life, this is a site where you can explore sea snakes, manta rays, turtles, octopuses, tiger sharks, bull sharks, spectacular corals and clouds of different fish.

Scuba Diving In Maldives

The Maldives offers a plethora of water-fun activities to its visitors. There is not a single water sport that you cannot indulge in at the Maldives. There is snorkeling, there is diving, there is water gliding, and there is almost everything. The island is known for its stingray collection along with varied species of sea turtles, whale sharks, and reef sharks.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, the above-mentioned scuba diving sites offer fantastic experiences and sights.