Guide To Purchasing The Right Scuba Tank

Guide To Purchasing The Right Scuba Tank

Do you love to go scuba diving? Are you a professional in the dimension of scuba? If that is the case, then it is high time that you get yourself a good scuba diving tank. If you are a beginner, it might take some time to get the idea of buying the right kind of scuba tank. Hence, we’ll talk about the guide to purchasing a scuba tank so that you do not have any problems. As you are diving deep, you will have no new posts for regret. So, what are you waiting for?

Guide To Purchasing The Right Scuba Tank
Guide To Purchasing The Right Scuba Tank

Understand How Many Scuba Tanks You Need: Right Scuba Tank

You need to understand your requirements before you start buying them. It is always a good thing to purchase, rather than rent a scuba tank. The reason is that the best sizes are not available for rent. Most divers choose to go for two different tanks, as you would want to go for at least two dives. You should thus get more than one tank because then, you will not have to rent for the second cylinder.

Consider The Size Of The Tank

Most divers do not understand that they might need a big or small size tank. The tank capacity is mostly measured in cubic feet. So, you should go for at least 80 to 100 cubic foot tank. It will initially be sufficient for your needs. The aluminum 63 cubic ft will be good for younger people or if an individual is short in height. If you are taller, then you should go for a larger scuba tank, as you will have a greater consumption of gas.

Guide To Purchasing The Right Scuba Tank
Guide To Purchasing The Right Scuba Tank

Steel Or Aluminium: Right Scuba Tank

The material is very important whenever you are buying the scuba diving tank. You should keep in mind that the steel tank has large capacities, in comparison to the aluminum one. The steel ones have larger volumes and you should go for the 149 cubic feet of gas. It also has a balance of characteristics. That’s why you would want to place your money on steel tanks.

However, aluminum cylinders have a better advantage because they do not rust easily. Since you have to spend a lot of time underwater, the tanks mustn’t do rust. So, even if a little bit of freshwater is getting inside steel cylinders, it can cause damage. But this will not be the case in aluminum tanks.

High Pressure Or Low Pressure

Now you have to decide between high pressure and low-pressure tanks. There are different pressures of air, and yet both of them can be similar in size, but the air content will vary. A high-pressure tank will require better servicing and replacement. In the case of low pressure, it will not need as much servicing. A lot of high-pressure steel tanks would fail the 5-year Hydro inspection.

You should also be very careful whenever you are choosing the tank valve. There are three different options to select from, convertible din/yoke, DIN, and yoke. It is always a good thing to go for the convertible valve, as it’s easier to replace.

Now that you have the correct guidelines for the scuba tank buying guide, it is high time to go for it.

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