How To Maintain Your Scuba Gear

Scuba Mask: Tips On Maintaining

If you like to have an underwater adventure, a scuba mask is something you will require at the very first place. It will be your viewpoint to the mysterious and beautiful world around. Its lens will ‘help you in seeing everything underwater clearly. Nevertheless, if you do not properly maintain your mask, you will soon lose sight of things below the blues. This might take a toll on your diving.

Cleaning and maintaining your mask regularly will not only help you in having crisp views of the ocean but will also keep the device in usable condition for years. Some tips you can follow in this direction are:

Pre-Dive Scuba Mask Maintenance And Care

A silicone film develops on the lens of the mask during the manufacturing procedure. This silicone film causes rapid fogging of the mask. It is necessary for you to take the right measures to remove the film from the mask lens before diving. For this, you need to scrub the lens thoroughly inside-out using an abrasive. You can even make use of toothpaste. Even after you remove the silicon film, fogging will be a normal occurrence. You can use saliva or anti-fog products for preventing normal fogging. Remember, certain anti-fog products have alcohol as well as formaldehyde along with other chemicals. The elements can spoil the mask.

Scuba Mask: Tips On Maintaining
Scuba Mask: Tips On Maintaining

Taking Care Of The Scuba Mask During Dive

Place your hand on the lens of the mask when entering the water for your diving expedition. This will keep the mask in place. It will also help in deflecting the direct impact of seawater on the mask lens. Also understand, typical dive staging locations are dangerous for masks. Take care not to expose the mask to tanks or weight belts. Avoid placing your mask on the forehead while diving. Several factors might dislodge the mask on the forehead and you can even lose it subsequently. If at all you need to remove the mask, place it around the neck instead of your forehead.

Post-Dive Mask Care And Maintenance

There is nothing much you need to do after using your mask for good diving sessions. Simply soak it in warm and fresh water for some time. This will help in dissolving the salt crystals. Next, clean it carefully using water. Towel dry the mask before storing it finally.

Scuba Mask: Tips On Maintaining
Scuba Mask: Tips On Maintaining


Store your mask in a dry, protected, and cool place away from direct sunlight. Also, it is necessary to keep it away from other diving equipment because if any of the gear has any black pigment, it might discolor the silicone skirt of the scuba mask.

General Maintenance

  • Avoid using aerosols, gasoline, alcohol, or chemical solvents for defogging or cleaning your mask.
  • Even storing the mask close to these solvents and chemicals might cause damage to the equipment.

If you follow the maintenance instructions provided above, it will get easier for you to maintain your scuba mask for several years to come.

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