Galapagos Island: Top 5 Best Dive Sites

Galapagos Island: Top 5 Best Dive Sites

Galapagos Island is popularly known as the best diving site in the year 2000. Experts have even honored these islands with awards such as “Best fish Life,” “Best Advanced Diving.” Moreover, people visit these islands with the sole purpose of diving with sharks. These islands are home to 32 different shark species. You can find shark species such as bull sharks, tip reef sharks, hammerheads, and whale sharks, as well. Moreover, the striking beauty of these Islands impresses the tourists to follow different tourism activities.

Best Dive Sites In Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands is home to many brilliant dive sites when compared with the world. Whether you are planning a trip to these Islands on a Liveaboard or take day trips to these Islands, there are some dive sites that you should not miss at all. Let us read in detail about these dive sites.

Galapagos Island: Top 5 Best Dive Sites
Galapagos Island: Top 5 Best Dive Sites

Tijeretas Hill

Tijeretas Hill is an awesome dive site in Galapagos Islands offering mesmerizing visibility for tourists worldwide. You can view green sea turtles, rays, eels,and beautiful fishes, such as grunts and angelfish. The best attraction of this dive site is that you can swim with Sea Lions here.

Shark Point

Another popular dive site in Galapagos Islands is the Shark Point. The best aspect of this dive site is that you get to fulfill your wildest dreams of swimming with the whale sharks. You can even enjoy other marine species, such as dolphins, Galapagos Sharks, and Hammerhead sharks. 

Daphne Minor

Daphne is another popular dive site that is found on the north coast of Santa Cruz. The site is best suitable for people who have just begun their diving classes. The best aspects of this site are white colored reef sharks, eagle rays, and Juvenile Galapagos sharks. Divers from all over the world make it a point to visit the dive sites owing to its popularity.

Whale Rock – Dive SIte In Galapagos Island

Whale Rock is another mesmerizing dive site in the Galapagos Islands. The site includes many different species of fish along with awesome sea turtles. You can enjoy swimming with these exotic marine species while you visit this scenic dive site. The visibility range is excellent and the temperatures range between 18 and 26-degree celsius. 

Gordon Rocks

Gordon Rocks is a dive site where you can explore the famous schools of mesmerizing hammerhead sharks. Well, this is one site which has contributed majorly towards the rising popularity of the Galapagos Islands. You would not believe, but Gordon Rocks is basically a volcanic crater possessing a depth of 32 meters. 

Galapagos Island: Top 5 Best Dive Sites
Galapagos Island: Top 5 Best Dive Sites

Cape Marshall – Galapagos Island

Cape Marshall is again a volcanic rock that basically goes into the depth of the ocean. You can find fishes such as Hammerhead Sharks, Mobula rays, Manta Rays, and Salema. As divers explore this exquisite site, they can even spot sea turtles and sea lions swimming along. The site is majorly for experienced divers who can face the strong currents in this dive site. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Galapagos Island and have an experience of life.

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