Freediving Set My Life: Have A Look


I got into freediving when I was just seven years old, and it was my first encounter with the sea world and with snorkeling as well. However, I had the safe presence and guidance of my father along the way. Since that very time, water has been and continues to be a source of great inspiration for whatever I do in life.

Water has always remained my athletic surroundings. It was only when I grew older that I came to know the varied secrets of the world of water. Part of this understanding came from the classes I attended at a freediving school where I got my corresponding diploma.

Freediving Set My Life: Have A Look
Freediving Set My Life: Have A Look

Freediving: What Is It Exactly?

It is an activity human beings have practiced since times immemorial. It is a natural and straightforward way of visiting the world underwater. Freedivers dive with apnea. Right from the moment they leave the sinks and the surface till they return to the surface, freedivers need to keep their breath.

Equipment Needed for Freediving

The necessary equipment required for this sport includes a snorkel, mask, fins, weights, and uniform. This sport does not have any age limits, which means almost any individual of any age and gender can be a part of this water activity. With proper training and guidance, it can quickly become fabulous entertainment. It will offer you exclusive experiences under the sea surface.

The Training

As has already been pointed out, proper training and guidance coming from an experienced instructor are required to acquire excellent skills in freediving. Top-quality companionship and learning will give you the ease of enjoying this sport while being a champion at it at the same time. Training and knowledge are also needed for taking up and practicing the sport safely.

Earlier, the principles used for providing training in this sport were varied entirely from what they are today. Many individuals consider it to be a hobby where people get to fish a lot. But this is not the reality. Freediving in a spiritual and physical sport, both demanding and beautiful. Research carried out on the future prospects of this activity shows that it will soon be included in the list of Olympic sports.

There are international standards of training and education, followed in providing classes on free diving at varied institutes. Major free diving centers work to train the body of an individual in such a way that it adapts to the intake of less oxygen underwater. Trainers put in a lot of stress into preparing the interested divers to move effectively underwater.

Freediving Set My Life: Have A Look
Freediving Set My Life: Have A Look

Feeling Under Water

Divers underwater generally feel the lack of gravitational force. However, the freedom experienced under the surface of the sea is beautiful. Divers need to concentrate on their bodies without any external spurs. The sport helps them in discovering themselves and in experiencing a sense of concentration and consciousness. The divers are just a few feet below the surface of the water, but they experience great delight.