Best Scuba Diving Places In Mexico You Should Visit -

Best Scuba Diving Places In Mexico You Should Visit

best scuba diving places in mexico

Mexico boasts diving spots that divers shouldn’t spend their lives missing. They also have the best beaches across the world, and in every place, you will go, Mexico has something new to offer.

From marine life to heritage sites, here are some scuba diving places in Mexico to book on your visit. If you are planning to visit Mexico soon, be sure to have your scuba diving suits and essentials ready, because scuba diving in the country is one thing you should not miss out.

Socorro Islands

A large body of water with a mountain in the background

The seas of Socorro islands are often rough, with deep ocean currents and unforgiving weathers. Divers tread these harsh conditions to take sight of the numerous shark species and pelagic marine life in the islands. It is a diver’s paradise. From its sizeable marine diversity to its unique ecosystem, it is no wonder Mexico’s “Little Galapagos” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Divers can closely encounter oceanic manta rays, tuna, marlin, hammerhead sharks, and other giant creatures in Soccoro. If that’s not enough, there are even dolphins to meet in Cabo Pearce.

Chinchorro Banks

There is a hidden sanctuary in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve that divers can explore all year round. The elusive reputation of the area in the past generated an enormous demand for exploration, which is why it is now easy for diver groups to hold day trips there.

The “Biosphere Reserve” status, or the highest environmental protection given by the Mexican government, of Chinchirro banks, was 1996. This protection may be the reason for the rich biodiversity found in the area today. It is a host to many species sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, and various sharks. If you travel with a divemaster, you might even chance upon the sunken galleon’s wreck site.

Riviera Maya Cenotes

Take a break from marine life, and awe at the breathtaking rock formations of the Mexican Cenotes. The sight of crystal clear water invites diving enthusiasts to behold its narrow tunnels and stalactites underwater. Snorkelers are also welcomed on the island as the destination hosts tours in the Bat Cave, limestone structures, and more.

Northern Sea of Cortez

For admirers of huge marine diversity, the Sea of Cortez should be a top priority in Mexico’s best scuba diving places. It is another UNESCO World Heritage site, with designated three-quarters of the sea dedicated to marine habitats.

Various marine life can be observed in the Sea of Cortez. Mobula Rays can be found on winter nights. Divers can swim with whale sharks during summer and fall. You can also take pictures with sea lions, with a special mention to the colony in Los Islotes.

Final Thoughts

Mexico takes pride of its beaches and diving spots, and it is one thing why tourists from all over the world would visit the place. Aside from its warm culture and amazing food, the scuba diving experience in Mexico is one of a kind.

Thus, if you plan to visit Mexico soon, be sure to take scuba diving sessions, and see the beauty of Mexico from underwater.

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