5 Reasons To Become A Certified Padi Water Diver

5 Reasons To Become A Certified Padi Water Diver

Adventure and ocean are the best words to describe you; scuba diving is the most suitable hobby. It offers the best way to explore the horizons of nature and aqua life. Moreover, it inspires you to choose the next travel destinations. This sport can make you an addict, with the infinite chances to explore the marine life, the shipwrecks, the underwater caves. It is also the best way to escape from the rest of the world. It is good to undergo a PADI open water course, for being the best in the hobby. 

5 Reasons To Become A Certified Padi Water Diver
5 Reasons To Become A Certified Padi Water Diver

An Insight To Padi Open Water Course:

It is good to be a PADI open water diver before entering into the world of scuba. The PADI open water course comprises of the classes to enable you with all the right skills for being a deep diver. It is a course that spans for a week, and it includes theory, practical, and also tests. The PADI open water course is designed to cover the required knowledge about diving skills and even safety features and rules to stick to while diving. 

PADI has launched an online course for covering the theoretical part of the open water course. The online course offers a great deal of flexibility to complete it at your pace and the comfort of your home. The course includes audio, video, and graphics to aid the learners. There are also quizzes available for gauging the progress of the learner. Upon completing the theory course, pool training happens under the guidance of a divemaster. The final phase is to have four ocean dives with the instructor for demonstrating the skills learned through pool training. Here are the reasons to be the certified PADI open water diver.

1. Padi Water Experience A New World:

The geography of the earth clearly shows that 70% of the planet is the ocean. Being a certified paid open course diver provides you the chance to explore the parts of the world, which may not be accessible by others. Scuba diving helps you relax and get excited by witnessing the beauty of flora and fauna underwater. 

2. Acquiring New Skills & Ocean Knowledge:

Being a certified diver is not easy; you learn about dive theory, the fundamentals of scuba, and so on. The learning does not end with the certification, but it just increases your cravings to know more. Researching about shipwrecks and plane crashes, under the ocean, and exploring the possible ones can be a lifetime experience. It is also fascinating to know about the new species and habitats underwater. 

3. Padi Water A Feel Of Respect For Ocean: 

Experiencing marine life very close makes you aware of the need to respect and protect this beautiful and vast ecosystem. Being a scuba diver instills you with the responsibility to preserve such unique and beautiful species that live underwater. 

5 Reasons To Become A Certified Padi Water Diver
5 Reasons To Become A Certified Padi Water Diver

4. Chances To Travel To Beautiful Places:

When you become a certified diver, the next fascinating thing would be to find out the most popular and adventurous spots for diving. It can lead you to fantastic locations like 2-degrees Celsius Silfra Fissure of Iceland, The Great Blue Hole of Belize, The Great Barrier Reef, etc. It gives another reason to travel and explore. 

5. Witnessing Marine Life In Their Natural Habitat:

Close encounters with the amazing marine life in their homes is another opportunity that one cannot miss by being a diver. These experiences can make you fascinated and explore more similar spaces. 

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