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5 Most Essential Scuba Diving Accessories of All Time

essential scuba diving accessories

Scuba diving is an excellent way of underwater exploration. It is a less arduous activity that many folks can get into, but how does one prepare for dive? Besides your scuba tank, mask, fins, scuba regulators, and other equipment, several accessories are worth preparing to ensure a safe dive.

Before heading out in the waters, here are some of the most essential scuba diving accessories that you need to have. You may prepare all of these in your bag or have one ready in the boat that you will use for scuba diving.

First aid kit

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In all adventures, may it be wilderness or Mars exploration, a first aid kit tops the list in ensuring safety. Check with national guidelines for items to include in your kit, and store in a good, hard, and waterproof case that can store items for a long time.

You may never know what will happen to you while you are underwater, so you must always be prepared no matter what. A first aid kit should have scissors, bandages, medicine, water, and a flashlight. Again, you can check the national guidelines on what essentials you shouold include in your kit.

Dive compass

A good dive compass is analog and luminous. While most modern dive computers have built-in compasses, a trusty back up never hurts. It is also a good practice for navigation skills.

Compared to a standard compass, a dive compass can withstand high pressure, which is essential underwater, so make sure you get the right one. You can buy a diving compass in any scuba store or a shop that sells swimming and diving essentials.

Dive knife

Much like Swiss knives, dive knives have much purpose in safety, which is why it is one of the most essential scuba diving accessories. It is a tool that can get you out of sticky situations as it can cut through nets to tangled fishing lines and other fibrous materials.

Swiss knives can come in different sizes, tips, and edges. Choosing the perfect knife will depend on your purpose, but a good tip is a foldable knife that can be secured in its sheath. You can secure a knife in a pocket in your scuba suit if you have any.

Dry bag

Before plunging into the deep blue ocean, you should secure all your belongings in a safe place where they will all keep dry. Whether it’s your electronics, clothes, or wallet, dry bags are available in different volumes for necessities you wouldn’t need during the actual dive. Bonus: its design also makes a great city bag for divers on the go! So be sure to have one ready for an adventure.

Dive light

A powerful light will let you reach greater depths underwater where the range of sunlight cannot reach, around 30 feet below surface level. This handy tool can prove useful, especially in wrecks and cavern diving, or even just observing marine life. These can come in various beams, light modes, handles, and attachment modes.

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